Chess Servers

Chess Servers

This section is where you'll configure all your options related to Internet Chess Servers.


If you'd like to configure Knights to use a new Chess Server, click the "Add..." button on the right hand side of the window. A new window will be displayed.

This window is used to tell Knights how it can connect to our chess server. Server Name is a descriptive title for the server. You can enter anything you want here. "My Chess Server", "FICS", etc.

Server URL is the address of the server.

Server Port tells Knights which port to communicate with the server on. If this is left blank, Knights will try to guess the port number.

Username and Password will store your login information. If you do not wish for Knights to remember your login information, just leave these blank and you will be prompted each time you connect.

A Timeseal is a program that helps to reduce the effect of Internet lag on your clock. It can be quite unpleasant to lose a match because your Internet connection is slow. If you have a Timeseal program that you'd like to use, enter the full path and filename for it here.

Log File can be used to keep a record of your session online. Be warned though: Knights does not maintain the size of your logfiles.

When all is done you can click OK to add this chess server to the list of those Knights will connect with.


The Profanity Filter can be used to garble undesirable words. It has six levels of filtration.

Automatically Close Previous ICS Match does was it says. If you just played a match and you're starting a new one, Knights will go ahead and close the last one for you.

Private Matches will tell your ICS that you don't want your match to be observable.

The enable Premove option allows you to move your next chessman while it's still your opponent's turn. Knights will remember your selection and move the piece for you as soon as it's your turn again.

The enable Kibitzes option will display Kibitz message on the console if enabled.

enable Unregistered Tells will allow you to hear messages from unregistered users.

enable Shouts will allow you to hear shouts.

The enable Seeks option will display Sought Match messages.

Seconds Between Seek Updates This tells Knights how often you want it to refresh it's Sought Games List. Valid numbers range between 3 seconds to 2 minutes ( 120 seconds ).

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