Chapter 5. Settings

One of our primary goals is to make Knights easy to setup and customize. When you need to customize Knights, select Settings->Configure Knights.... A new window will be displayed. The following sections describe the various options available from this new window.


Your Name is the name Knights records on saved games for you.

When Knights Begins It Should: This allows you to customize Knights' behavior when you run the program.

Save Match on Close? When you close a chess match, Knights can automatically save it for you. If this match doesn't yet have a file name, you will be prompted for one.

The Append to Save File option tells Knights that you wish to save all your games to a single pgn file. This is useful for players who wish to analyze their matches later in a chess database program like SCID.

Pause on Minimize This will cause Knights to pause all your matches when you minimize the Knights window.


Some types of matches ( like matches on ICS ) can not be paused in this way.

Always Promote to Queen When checked, any of your pawns that get promoted will automatically become a queen. Otherwise Knights will prompt you each time a pawn is promoted.

Call Flag Automatically This option will automatically declare you the winner of the match if your opponent's clock runs out of time.

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