Use the Install New Themes button to install themes that you've downloaded.

Use the Board Themes and Chessman Themes buttons to select the look of your board. Knights only includes one board theme and one chessman theme, but others are available for download.Click here to download the Knights Themepack.

Theme Size can be adjusted to make the board larger or smaller.

Using the Reverse Board Orientation option is like turning the chessboard 180 degrees. Normally, the board is displayed with your army on the bottom and your opponent's army on top. Checking this option puts your army on the top and your opponent's army on the bottom.

Display Startup Logo toggles the welcome screen.

Automatic Preview will enable the Preview feature for the left mouse button.

Show Last Move will highlight the chessman that moved on the previous turn.

Show Coordinates will draw the Rank and File coordinates on the board.


The Font buttons allow you to alter the font for each different kind of text displayed on the console. The Color buttons beside them let you change the color which that font will be displayed in. The seventh extra Color button changes the background color.

Restore Defaults will disregard any changes you've made to the font and color options, returning them to their original state.

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