Knights uses sounds to keep you informed of important events both on and off the board. For example, Knights can play a sound when a chessman is moved, or play another sound when someone sends you a private message online. This section describes the different options you have when it comes to Knights' sounds.

The enable Audio checkbox is like the power button on your stereo. Uncheck this, and all of Knights' sounds are turned off.

Audio Themes allows you to choose between different audio themes, which are similar to the graphical themes. Knights only includes one sound theme, but others may be available for download from the internet.

The Volume slider allows you to adjust how loudly Knights will play it's sounds.


This is independent of the volume controls in your mixer and on your speakers. In other words, if the volume in Knights is at maximum, but your mixer's volume is at minimum, then you will not be able to hear Knights' sounds.

For Current Match Only is a checkbox that allows you to turn off all sounds from chess matches that you are not actively watching. So if you have a match vs. GNUChess running, but you're looking at your match vs. Crafty, only the Crafty match will make sounds. When you click on the GNUChess match again, then it will make sounds again and the Crafty match will fall silent.

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