Organizing Your Tabs

Chapter 4. Organizing Your Tabs

Knights often must display more than just the chessboard. For example, when you play chess online, Knights must open up a new window containing several new tools. These tools are stacked on top of each other using tabs to help keep your desktop from getting too cluttered, but what if you want to see more than one of these tools at a time?

At the top of each tab, you'll find a Grip widget. It looks like three horizontal lines, and when you move your pointer over it, the pointer will change into four arrows. When this happens, you can click and drag that tab to a different position on the screen. If you drag it to another tab, then they will merge together into the same window. If you do not drag it onto another tab, it will create it's own window at the new location.

To the right of the Grip is a Close button. Clicking on this button will close out this Tab. If this was the only Tab in it's window, then the window will be closed as well.


Whenever a tab is closed, Knights will remember the size of that tab.

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