Using Knights Online

Chapter 3. Using Knights Online

Knights can connect you with thousands of other chess players around the globe. You can play games, observe others playing, attend live classes, or just relax and chat.

Although Knights tries to make it easy to use a chess server, there are many commands and functions for each server that are beyond the scope of this document. You should check with the chess server you intend to use for a full description of these.

Getting Started

If you used the Setup Wizard when you first installed Knights, then Knights will connect to the Free Internet Chess Server by default. If you did not use the Setup Wizard, or you'd prefer to connect to another chess server, you'll need to change Knights' settings. See the section of this document titled Chess Servers for instructions on doing this.

Your computer will need to be connected to the Internet before you attempt to connect to a chess server. Knights will display an error message if it can not access the Internet.

Some chess servers will require you to have a membership, which sometimes includes paying a membership fee. You will need to visit the website of your chosen chess server to sign up for membership.

If you are not interested in obtaining a membership, but you still want to play chess online, some chess servers will allow you to play as a free guest without signing up for anything. This is strongly suggested for those who have never played chess online before.

Connecting to a Server

To connect to a chess server, click on File, and then select Connect to Server.

A new window will pop up asking for your Login and Password. You should have recieved these when you signed up for membership with this chess server. If you do not have a membership yet, click on the Log in as guest option.

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